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Founder, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

I'm Anastasia. Growing up in the Hudson Valley of New York State, I was a figure skater while training off the ice intermittently in Pilates, Ballet, Lyrical dance, and Ballroom. A love of science and an injury in my last year of high school prompted me to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy at Russell Sage College in Troy, New York.

While in college, I joined the student-run Dance Ensemble, where I had the opportunity to choreograph multiple pieces for our annual performances. I also continued to coach figure skating to kids ages 8-15.

While in graduate school, I started power lifting, as well as taking Salsa lessons and fell in love with it. In 2019, I moved to North Carolina with my husband. Here I joined a performance Salsa team, Cobo Brothers Dance Company, and continue to cross-train at Trainers Corner Institute. Movement has always been a huge part of my life, and it always will be.

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About MVMT

We opened our doors in March, 2022. MVMT Physical Therapy is a private practice specialized in restoring function through a blend of patient-tailored movements and supplemental education using MDT, (McKenzie therapy). This tailored approach uses patient-performed exercises, as well as a therapist's overpressure and mobilizations. Our core belief follows the thought behind the name of the business – movement is the best healer.

Our guiding principle is that most injuries have a mechanical origin, and can be effectively treated by corrective movements and exercises. Here at MVMT, we seek to guide, inform, and effectively treat all those who are physically active - especially talented professionals in their field who lack some basic, healthy fundamentals without realizing it. These fundamentals include correct ways to warm up / cool down around practices, or safe ways to stretch splits or other parts of the body. MVMT exists because our passion to not only help people to heal their present injuries, but to teach them how to prevent further injuries and safely reach their goals.

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